Solbian semi-flexible solar panels

Solbian has been operating in the Marine photovoltaic sector since 2007.

Companies and professionals, operating in the energy and photovoltaic sector since

many years, joined Solbian Energie Alternative in 2009, to scale up the early technical

developments to industrial dimensions.

“Bring the energy where it is really needed”

Solbian panels are particularly suitable for sailing boats, electric mobility,

caravans and motorhomes, trekking, tents and shelters, emergency

buildings and for Building Integrated Photovoltaics.

Resistant to tough conditions.

Solbian solar panels are specially designed and manufactured to be resistant to salt water, UV and such conditions.

Why install a Solbian panel?

Because, Solbian has the best price / quality balance.

Because, Solbian panels are manufactured in ITALY using "A grade" solar cells. 

Because, each panel has its unique serial number and guaranteed by the manufacturer.

Because, SP series panels are coated with a special layer, called ECTFE with lenses, which has a life of  

25 years.

Because, Solbian flexible solar panels have higher efficiencies than many rigid solar panels. The efficiency of SP series (23%) is at a record level 

Because, all junction boxes are IP67 grade waterproof.

Because, all panels have by-pass diodes.

Because, Solbian offers hidden cable outlet which is not common in the market.

Because, all panels are certified accordingly with IEC61215 and IEC61730 standarts and Solbian facility holds ISO9001 Quality, ISO18001 Safety and ISO14001 Environment certificates.

Because, Solbian solar panels have been tested for many years at many sailing races in the world's toughest conditions.

Because Solbian panels come with a wide range of accessories designed and manufactured for a universal use

Because, Solbian solar panels can be custom made to meet your special requirements.

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